IAP for Health - Statement on research reproducibility

  • AuthorIAP for Health
  • TitleStatement on research reproducibility
  • Release Date28 Sep 2016
  • CopyrightIAP
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There is growing discussion within the biomedical research community about the need to improve the reproducibility
of research studies so as to drive scientific progress, accelerate translation into clinical applications, and maximise
returns on funding. Many improvements in national and global health are rooted in the findings of biomedical research
and it is crucial that research practices are as effective as possible.

Irreproducible results affect researchers in countries at the leading edge of biomedical research as well as those working in low- and middle-income countries. IAP for Health is optimistic that, by raising awareness of the issue through the release of this Statement, the 78 member academies will take up the challenge and present it directly to their national governments and disseminate it through their national scientific communities so that our recommendations can begin to be implemented. In this way, IAP for Health hopes that the standards expected of peer-reviewed medical research will be heightened and that some of the public confidence in the scientific enterprise that has been lost will be rebuilt.

This Statement has been endorsed by more than 40 IAP for Health member academies.