Issue 34

I have had the chance to meet young scientists, young global leaders, social entrepreneurs from all over the world and other members of international associations that I would not otherwise encounter and established friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime. For this, I am truly grateful. Mille fois merci.
Catherine Beaudry (Canada)

Attending the young scientist forum at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Dalian was a great opportunity that opened me up to wonderful ideas from my interaction with other young scientists and young global leaders. It also did change my perspective about certain things. I would like to say a big 'thank you' to IAP.
Unuabonah Emmanuel Iyayi (Nigeria)

It was indeed a unique opportunity for me to interact with important people from various business, scientific and cultural backgrounds who had converged to a single location to address global issues.
R. Meegama (Sri Lanka)

Fantastic exposure to new ideas, broader perspectives and a tremendous wide range of people and backgrounds.
Bernard Slippers (South Africa)

The IAP Young Scientists Conference, held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions, took place in Dalian, China, 10-13 September. It was a great success. More quotes, reports, and photos are available from: www.interacademies.net/CMS/Programmes/9506.aspx. Four IAP young scientists conducting biodiversity research have been invited to present posters at the IAP Conference on Biodiversity in London, 12-14 January 2010.

IAP Young Scientists for 2008 and 2009 are currently working together to develop proposals for follow-up initiatives that will be submitted to IAP for possible support. One such initiative is a global workshop for young scientists to discuss the possibility of establishing a global young science academy. The workshop is hosted by The German Young Academy in Berlin, from 14-16 February 2010. See: www.diejungeakademie.de/gysa for details.

In September 2009, the IAP Executive Committee (EC) held a meeting in Tokyo, generously hosted by the Science Council of Japan. The EC approved applications for membership from the Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan, the Academy of Science of Mozambique and the Nicaraguan Academy of Sciences. That brings IAP's total membership to 103.

The EC also approved IAP’s Work Programme for 2010. Eleven proposals received funding including: four on water issues, one on science communication, two on science education, one on gender issues, one on policy advice issues, two on energy. IAP's strategic plan for 2010-2012 is currently being drafted by Albert Koers. IAP members should receive the final draft shortly.

In line with the IAP Statutes and Rules of Procedure, the EC has selected a Nominations and Election Committee. The Committee is now reviewing candidates for co-chair and nominations for the EC. Elections will take place at the IAP General Assembly on Friday 15 January 2010. We look forward to seeing you all in London.

Chen Zhu and Howard Alper
IAP Co-Chairs

Calendar 2010

  • 12 January 2010: EC Meeting, London
  • 12-15 January 2010: IAP Conference on Biodiversity and General Assembly, London
  • 23-24 March 2010: EC Meeting and Joint Session with IAC Board, Amsterdam

IAP Programmes: Capacity Building

The InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS), in partnership with the Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Guatemala, organized a workshop, 'Science Funding Landscape', in Guatemala City, 26-28 July 2009. The workshop was supported by the Guatemalan National Council for Science and Technology (CONCYT), International Development Research Center (IDRC-Canada) and IAP. RSC:The Academies of the Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada played a leadership role in securing support for the meeting from IDRC Discussions focused on strategies to increase linkages between national science academies, national S&T councils and funding agencies that support S&T in the Americas. Young scientists from the hemisphere also participated in the workshop and were instrumental in conveying their ideas, and aspirations, to the audience. To download the report, see: www.ianas.org

IAP Members work with Young Scientists

"Youth in Science–2009," an international conference for young scientists, took place in Minsk, Belarus, 21-24 April 2009. The conference was organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB). For additional information, see: nasb.gov.by/eng/symposia/sympint.php

The Turkish Academy of Sciences held its 8th annual Young Scientists Award Programme (GEBIP) at Karaelmas University in Zonguldak, 25-27 September 2009. Four parallel sessions were organized with 42 presentations from all scientific disciplines. For additional information, see: www.tuba.gov.tr/haber_en.php?id=9

The Korean Academy of Science and Technology (KAST) is currently overseeing its 6-month “Mentoring for Science-Talented Youths Program” for 2009. For additional information, see: www.kast.or.kr/ENG/BBS/list.asp?TB=E_BBS_B03&gubun=B01&strQ=view&num=14&search_method=&searchstring=&view_method=&page=1&tpage=

Notice Board

The Science Council of Japan organized an international conference on Global Food Security and Sustainability at its headquarters in Tokyo, 17-18 September 2009. Sessions included sustainable development of animal production, food and seafood security, sustainable crop production and marine ecosystem sustainability. For more information, contact: noriko.nakamura@cao.go.jp.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year. For additional information about CAS anniversary events, follow the links at: www.cas60.cn/hxhd/index_2.html, or contact: hhgong@cashq.ac.cn

The Institut de France, home to the Académie des Sciences, has announced the Lefoulon-Delalande Foundation Prize, to be given each year to a scientist who has made significant contributions to cardiovascular physiology, biology, or medicine. A Grand Prize of Euros 500,000 will be awarded in 2010. The deadline for nominations is 29 January 2010. For additional information, contact: fondations@institut-de-france.fr.

The Islamic World Academy of Sciences (IAS) will convene its 17th international scientific conference in Selangor (Malaysia), 14-17 December 2009 on “Towards the Knowledge Society in the Islamic World: Knowledge Production, Application and Dissemination”. The General Assembly of the Network of Academies of Sciences in OIC Countries (NASIC) will take place at the same time.

The Royal Society, UK, invites nominations for the Pfizer Award 2010. The award is open to research scientists, based in Africa, who are making innovative contributions to the biological sciences, including basic medical science. For additional information and online nomination forms see: www.royalsociety.org/pfizer.

News from Observers …

All European Academies (ALLEA) held a symposium, 'Towards a European Code of Conduct on Scientific Integrity', in Berne, Switzerland, 29-30 June 2009. The event was hosted by the Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences. For additional information, contact: secretariat@allea.org

News from the Secretariat ...

To review the updated programme and the list of speakers for the IAP Conference on Biodiversity, January 2010 see: www.interacademies.net/CMS/4017/generalassembly2010.aspx. For queries, contact: iap@twas.org.

Networking Updates …

Hungarian Academy of Sciences: new email: elnokseg@office.mta.hu.


Miguel Angel Alario y Franco has been appointed president of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences of Spain. He succeeds Alberto Galindo Tixaire.


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