Issue 30

The Executive Committee (EC) meeting, generously hosted by The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), took place in Amsterdam on 30-31 January 2008. The EC meeting was held in conjunction with the IAC Board meeting and a special IAP-IAC joint session. This provided a unique opportunity for the IAP EC and IAC Board to align activities and prepare an agenda for more integrated cooperation in the future. To this end, IAC co-chairs, Bruce Alberts and Yongxiang Lu, signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with IAP.

We are grateful to IAC for meeting with us and we look forward to implementing the recommendations of the MOU, including joint IAP-IAC regional workshops to examine strategies for putting into practice the recommendations of IAC studies. The EC has reviewed proposals for this latter initative submitted by regional networks of science academies. Four joint IAP-IAC regional workshops, related to IAC studies on women for science and energy, will take place in 2008 with IAP and IAC support. More information will be provided to members when the dates and programme agendas are finalized.

To celebrate IAP’s 15th Anniversary, the EC has agreed to organize a conference for young scientists this year, Moving Beyond Scientific Training. IAP members will be asked to nominate outstanding scientists under the age of 40. A selection committee, coordinated by IAP, will review the nominations and choose the participants. A programme committee, led by Jüri Engelbrecht (President, ALLEA), is finalizing details for this event. The dates and location of the meeting will be communicated shortly.

The EC has also adopted a new version of the statutes and rules of procedure. These are now official IAP working documents, pending endorsement by the General Assembly in January 2010. The new version is available on the IAP website. In certain circumstances, IAP will now allow more than one academy per country to become a member. In light of this rule change, the EC voted to accept the Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina for IAP membership based on the recommendation of IAP's membership committee.
This brings IAP's total membership to 98.

Chen Zhu and Howard Alper
IAP Co-chairs

Calendar 2008

  • 5-6 April: IAP and CEEN Regional Meeting of Science Academies, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 8-9 September: EC Meeting, Ottawa, Canada

IAP Programmes

Science Education

  • The French Academy of Science and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne has awarded Jorge Allende the 2007 Purkwa Prize for his contributions to scientific literacy. Allende, professor at the University of Chile's Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBM), coordinates IAP's science education programme. The Purkwa prize is given to "pioneers" in innovation. For additional information, see www.emse.fr/en/news/purkwa.html.
  • La main à la pâte, in collaboration with the French Academy of Sciences, has published "Teaching Sciences at Primary School". The text may be downloaded at: www.interacademies.net/CMS/Programmes/3123.aspx. A teachers' resource book is also available. For more information, contact: contact-lamap@inrp.fr.

Notice Board

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) organized an international symposium in Stockholm, 12 November 2007, to explore the prospects for energy generated by moving water. Participants examined not only the impact of traditional hydropower facilities but also energy derived from waves, tides and ocean currents. For more information, see: www.kva.se/KVA_Root/swe/events/detail.asp?eventid=628.

Cameroon Academy of Sciences has published a report on the 2nd Annual International Conference of the African Science Academy Development Initiative: 'Prioritizing Food Security Policies for Health and Development in Africa: Science Academy–Policymaker Interaction for Evidence-Based Decision Making'. For a copy of the text, contact: casciences@yahoo.com.

TWAS-ROSSA held its 2nd Young Scientists’ Conference, ‘Mentoring Young Scientists for Innovative Applications of Research and Development in Africa’, Nairobi, 3-6 December 2007. For more information, contact: j.olang@aasciences.org.

Uganda National Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with NASIC (Network of Academies of Science of the Organization of Islamic Conference Countries), organized an international seminar on the ‘Fundamental Role of Science and Technology in Economic Growth and Development’, 12-13 December, 2007, Kampala, Uganda. For information, contact: paulnampala@unas.or.ug

Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology dedicated a major part of its annual plenary session, 20-22 February 2008, to a discussion of the International Year of Planet Earth. Hubert Reeves, research director at Centre national de la recherche scientifique, lectured on “The Future of Life on Earth”. See: www.yearofplanetearth.org

Robert Markus, a researcher at the Biological Research Centre, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, has won the "Seeing Science" photography contest sponsored by The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

More than 300 entries from 30 countries were received. The title of his winning photograph is Fruit fly larva in a drop of water. See: www.knaw.nl/cfdata/news/pressrelease_detail.cfm?nieuws__id=567

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Abel Prize 2008 to John Griggs Thompson, University of Florida, and Jacques Tits, Collège de France, for their profound achievements in algebra and, in particular, for shaping modern group theory. For more information, see: www.abelprisen.no/en

The Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, Argentina and the Argentinian Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, organized the 1st “Journey on Arts, Humanities and Science - Culture is One” conference on 24 March in Buenos Aires. Gabriel de Broglie, chancellor, Institute of France, gave the keynote address. For more information, see: www.ancefn.org.ar/novedades/index.php

In the News...

Bruce Alberts, IAC Co-chair and the new editor-inchief of Science magazine, devoted an editorial (published 21 March 2008) to science education, citing the work of IAP in this field as an example of what can be done to improve the teaching of science. The editorial can be viewed on the IAP website.

From the Secretariat ...

An updated edition of the IAP brochure has been sent to IAP members. Those who want additional copies should contact the IAP secretariat.
The IAP secretariat has asked members to respond to a survey on their academy activities. Please send the completed form to iapsurvey@twas.org by 30 June 2008.
IAP has issued a call to IAP's members for nominations for the IAC Board 2009-2013. The deadline for submissions is 14 April 2008. A call for proposals for IAP funding in 2009 will soon be issued to IAP members and regional networks.

Networking ...

New address: Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences (ZAS): 151 Sam Nujoma Street, Harare, Zimbabwe
New websites: Caribbean Academy of Sciences: www.caswi.org.jm/index.html
Cuban Academy of Sciences: www.academiaciencias.cu


  • Yvan Guindon is now president of The Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada (RSC). He replaces Patricia Demers.
  • Teki Biçoku is the new president of the Albanian Academy of Sciences. He replaces Ylli Popa. Gudar Beqiraj has been nominated vice president.
  • M. Vijayan is the new president of the Indian National Science Academy (INSA). He replaces R. A. Mashelkar. N. Balakrishnan, Alok K. Gupta, N.K. Gupta, P.K. Kaw, T.P. Singh and A.K. Sood have been elected vice presidents.
  • Ole Didrik Lærum has been elected president of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters. He replaces Jan Fridthjof Bernt. Øyvind Østerud has been elected vice president.
  • Nicholas P. Canny is now president of the Royal Irish Academy. He replaces James A. Slevin. D.J. Fegan has been elected senior vice president, and M.E. Daly, F. O'Gara, and B. O'Donoghue, vicepresidents.
  • Sharipa Jorobekova is the new president of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Ishfaq Ahmadis is now president of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences. He replaces Atta-ur Rahman.
  • Ljubiša Rakic is the new vice president of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts for a 3-year term.


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