Issue 28

Earlier this year, we issued a call for proposals to our member academies and regional networks. We are pleased to announce that we have received 56 proposals. This is an impressive start. We hope that the next call, to take place in 2008, will generate an even greater response. At that time, the new procedures will be in place and fully operational. The programmes and strategic planning committee, chaired by The Royal Society, UK, have provided IAP with a number of reviewers. Proposals have been grouped into the following categories: capacity building; science education; water, earth and environmental sciences; medical and health sciences; agricultural and food sciences; and “others”. Reviewers, located worldwide, have received the proposals for their evaluation. The results of the review process will be presented to the executive committee at its forthcoming meeting at the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra. After discussions and recommendations, the EC will decide on the work programme for 2008 and the proposals that will be funded.

We look forward to reporting on the EC's findings in the next issue of the Bulletin. In the meantime, we warmly thank all IAP members who have participated in this first round.

Chen Zhu and Howard Alper
IAP Co-chairs

Calendar 2007

25-26 September: IAP Executive Committee Meeting, Australian Academy of Science.

IAP Programmes and Initiatives

The Women’s Health Education Programme (WHEP) has launched an initiative to encourage innovative educational projects for women's health. To date, the 'WHEP Label' has been awarded to two projects, one in Morocco and one in the Philippines. Each will receive incentive funding. For more information, see: www.whep.info/spip.php?article73

Water Research and Management: Proceedings of the regional workshop, organized by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and the Water Research Commission in Pretoria 16-18 August 2006, are now available. See www.assaf.co.za/other_reports.html or contact mcbs@abc.org.br

Access to Scientific Information: The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS), lead academy for this initiative, will survey IAP members in September concerning information about academy communication technologies and online information-access policies. For more information, contact: PUhlir@nas.edu

Natural Disaster Mitigation: The Chinese Academy of Sciences, lead academy for this initiative, is organizing an international workshop on Natural Disasters and Emergency Management, 22-24 September, in Beijing. The workshop is designed for researchers, emergency managers and practitioners. For more information, contact: disaster07@tom.com, or see: www.nerss.cn/workshop07/defalt(e).html

Notice Board

The Australian Academy of Science Shine Dome is one of four iconic buildings from the last 50 years selected by the Australia Post to appear on the stamp issue Landmarks: Australian Modernist Architecture. The other buildings are: Former ICI House, Melbourne; Council House, Perth; and the Sydney Opera House. For more information, contact: nancy.pritchard@science.org.au

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), in the run up to its 200th anniversary celebrations in 2008, is organizing a photography competition, “Seeing Science”. KNAW is seeking photographs that capture the magic of science and that stimulate public interest in science. Entries must be received by 1 November. For more information, see: www.knaw.nl/photo

TWAS is organizing an international workshop on Cities, Science and Sustainability, 20-22 September in Trieste, in cooperation with the UNDP Special Unit for South-South Cooperation and the UNU Institute for Advanced Studies. Some 120 institutions in developing countries responded to the call for proposals for successful initiatives on how science and technology are helping to address critical challenges in cities. For more information, contact: cities@twas.org.

The Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tajikistan is organizing an international conference in Dushanbe, 7-8 September to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the birth of the famed poet and prominent thinker, Mavlana Jalaliddin Rumi. For more information, contact: tacikistan@da.com.tr

The Akademi Sains Malaysia, in collaboration with the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and UNESCO, organized an international symposium, Towards a Prosperous and Secure Islamic World, 9-11 August in Kuala Lumpur. Symposium objectives included enhancing public awareness of the contributions Muslim scientists have made to human civilization, strengthening capacity for science, technology and innovation in the Islamic region, and promoting research. For more information, see: www.issti.gov.my

The Islamic World Academy of Sciences publishes a refereed 'medical journal', that contains articles on medicine and public health written by researchers from the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) countries, Europe and the United States. For more information, see: www.medicaljournal-ias.org

On the occaision of Scientific Revival Day of Africa on 30 June 2007, the Kenya National Academy of Sciences (KNAS) organized a regional workshop, 'The Role of Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) and Pairing Scheme'. The initiative was based on The Royal Society model for pairing members of parliament with scientists. Participants included parliamentarians and scientists from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the UK. For additional information, contact: jomalo@uonbi.ac.ke, secretariat@knascience.org.

The National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Philippines, now publishes a quarterly e-newsletter. For more information, contact: nast@dost.gov.ph

The Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBiH) has prepared several reports based on the project, 'Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Millennium Ecosystem Assessment'. The four-year initiative was launched by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. For more information, contact: akademija@anubih.ba

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Abel Prize for 2007 to Srinivasa S. R. Varadhan, Frank J. Gould professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York, USA. The prize was presented by Norway's King Harald at a ceremony held in Oslo on 22 May. See: www.abelprisen.no/en/prisvinnere/2007/ for more information.

The African Academy of Sciences (AAS), secretariat for the TWAS Regional Office for Sub-Saharan Africa in Nairobi, publishes an e–bulletin. For more information, see: www.nairobi.twas.org

News from observers

Eight member academies, chosen to participate in the IAMP Programme 'Reducing Maternal and Perinatal Mortality in Developing Countries', will meet at a planning workshop in Trieste on 14-15 December 2007. The initiative aims to devise country-by-country strategies to curb the high rates of mother and infant mortality and morbidity affecting many African nations. For more information, contact iamp@twas.org

The inauguration ceremony of the ICSU Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean was held on 18 April at the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. An international symposium, Priorities in Science and Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean, took place in conjunction with the event. For more information, contact: secretariat@icsu-lac.org.

The European Academies' Science Advisory Council (EASAC) has elected Volker ter Meulen as chair. Brian Heap, Academia Europea, Sven Kullander, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and Jos van der Meer, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, have been elected vice chairs. For information on EASAC, see: www.easac.org.

The Caribbean Scientific Union (CSU) has elected Nelson Moreno as president, replacing Sergio Pastrana. The CSU secretariat is hosted by the Academia de Ciencias de la República Dominicana, Santo Domingo.

Networking updates

New email/url addresses:
Network of African Science Academies (NASAC): j.olang@aasciences.org
Network of Academies of Science in OIC Countries (NASIC): info@nasic.org.pk
Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (formerly CASS): info@akademien-schweiz.ch


  • Chen Zhu, IAP co-chair and former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been appointed minister of health of China.
  • Howard Alper, IAP co-chair, has been appointed chair of the Government of Canada's new Science, Technology, and Innovation Council.
  • Jacob Palis Jr. has been appointed president of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, replacing Eduardo Moacyr Krieger.


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