About IAP

  • IAP works closely with its member academies to strengthen the role that science plays in society and to advise public officials on the scientific aspects of critical global issues
  • IAP helps to create science academies in countries where academies do not exist ** and assists young and small academies to become more prominent in their own countries
  • IAP sponsors programmes for young scientists designed to help them build strong foundations for successful careers and to more effectively engage decision makers

** A set of guidelines are available for the establishment of national science academies. Please contact the IAP Secretariat (iap@twas.org) for a copy of the document.

Primary objectives

  • Provide high-quality, independent advice on science-related issues to government and society
  • Develop programmes for scientific capacity building, science education, science communication and other science-related issues of global significance
  • Lead efforts to forge closer collaboration among science academies and other scientific institutions

Sponsors and funding

IAP, which is located in Trieste, Italy, operates under the administrative umbrella of TWAS. The Government of Italy provides core funding. Member academies provide financial and in-kind contributions to IAP programmatic activities, sponsor IAP events, and host executive committee and general assembly meetings. See: IAP Donors (financial and in-kind).

Application for membership

Information on how to apply for IAP membership is stated in the IAP Statutes (Art. 4) and Rules of Procedure (Art. 1) - see below. Kindly note that the material must be provided in English, (or in the original language with an English translation).

Further information

For information on activities implemented by the IAP Membership, see the IAP News e-Bulletin. The purpose of the bulletin is to convey information on science academy activities around the world. Follow the link also for back issues.

An updated IAP Brochure is available for downloading (pdf format with links) - May 2014. Printed copies are available from the IAP Secretariat upon request (iap@twas.org)

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