IAP - the global network of science academies, currently has a membership of 111 scientific academies from around the world; these include both national academies/institutions as well as regional/global groupings of scientists. A number of other scientific organizations participate in IAP meetings and activities as observers.

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  • EST. 1964
    Instituto de Chile
    Almirante Montt 454
    Santiago 1349, Chile
    Phone: (+56 2) 633-2129, (+56 2) 664-1030, (+56 2) 638 2847
    Fax: (+56 2) 638 2847
    The Chilean Academy of Sciences was created as part of the Institute of Chile together wit other three academies: Medicine, Fine Arts and Social, Political and Moral Sciences by Government Law on October 21, 1964. In addition to these three academies the Institute of Chile also included the Chilean Academy of Language (founded in 1885) and the Chilean Academy of History ...
  • EST. 1974
    Calle Las Damas 112 esquina a El Conde
    Ciudad Colonial
    Santo Domingo Ap. Postal 932, Dominican Republic
    Phone: 809-687-6315
    Fax: 809-685-6443
    The Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic was founded on December 20, 1974, and it was recognized and incorporated by a Presidential Decree on June 1975. The Senate Chamber of the Dominican Republic designated the Academy as advisor of the legislative. The Academy has also signed standing agreements with several universities, and its opinion is requested in legal ...
  • EST. 1917
    Palacio de las Academias
    Avenida Universidad
    Apdo. de Correos 1421
    Caracas 1010-A, Venezuela
    Phone: +58-212-482 2954, +58-212-482 7513
    Fax: +58-212-484 6611
    The Venezuelan Academy of Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences is one of the National Academies in the country. It is a scientific corporation of public nature oriented to the development and advancement of science. The Academy was established in 1917 by the Venezuelan Congress, with by-laws approved by the Ministry of Education, while the internal rules and ...
  • EST. 1945
    13 calle 1-25 zone 1
    Guatemala, C.A., Guatemala
    Phone: +502 (0)2 476 9745
    Fax: +502 (0)2 476 9962
    The Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Guatemala was established by the San Carlos University of Guatemala on October 15, 1945, as it was recorded in Act 87 of the University Superior Council. It was born in the first year of a decade in which a time of fresh humanistic, social, political and scientific growth began in Guatemala. The Academy was founded with ...
  • EST. 1959
    Av. Cipreses s/n
    Km 23.5 Carretera Federal México-Cuernavaca
    Col. San Andrés Totoltepec
    Tlalpan 14400, Mexico
    Phone: +(52-55) 58 49 49 05
    Fax: +(52-55) 58 49 51 12
    The Academia Mexicana de Ciencias (AMC) is a civil organization founded in 1959, comprising Mexican scientists that conduct research in every area of the exact, natural and social sciences, as well as the humanities and engineering. For the AMC, education, science, technology and innovation form a chain that contributes to the country’s full development, for the benefit ...
  • EST. 1960
    Av. 16 de Julio No 1732
    P.O. Box 5829
    La Paz, Bolivia
    Phone: (591-2) 236 3990, (591-2) 231 6776
    Fax: (591-2) 237 9681
    The National Academy of Sciences of Bolivia was founded on September 23, 1960 by Supreme Decree 5582 of the Bolivian government in order to support institutions that work to improve and strengthen local scientific capacity in science, technology and innovation. The main aim of the Academy is to create, promote and strengthen Science, Technology and Innovation towards the ...
  • EST. 1938
    Jr. Conde de Superund 298
    Lima 1, Peru
    Phone: +(51)-1-427-4431
    The National Academy of Sciences (ANC) was founded on August 3, 1938 as the Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, by a special 6-man Commission appointed by the Peruvian Government and charged with the task of organizing the Academy. There were 7 sections: Exact Sciences, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Geology, Biology, Archaeology and Anthropology ...
  • EST. 2009
    Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, Dirección General
    Reconquista 535 piso 7
    CP 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone: +598 2525 8618
    The National Academy of Sciences of Uruguay was created in 2009 by law approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the República Oriental del Uruguay meeting in General Assembly. It has the purpose to advise and promote the development of the sciences. With such a purpose, it is able to emit pronouncements in matters of science policy and promotion of ...
  • EST. 1874
    Avenida Alvear 1711, 4 piso
    Buenos Aires 1014, Argentina
    Phone: (0054) 11 4811-2998, (0054) 11 4815-9451
    Fax: (0054) 11 4811-6951
    The founding of the National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, ANCEFN), one of the oldest institutions of this kind in Latin America, dates back to March 26, 1874, as a consequence of a decree establishing the creation and operation of bodies that would form the University of Buenos Aires. After ...
  • EST. 1928
    128, Sec. 2, Academia Road
    Taipei, Taiwan 115, China
    Phone: (+886 2) 2789-9400
    Fax: (+886-2) 2785-3852
    Academia Sinica is a leading academic institution in Taipei, Taiwan, China. Founded initially in 1928 to promote scholarly research and undertake academic research in the three research disciplines of mathematics and physical sciences, life sciences, and humanities and social sciences, the Academia now has 24 research institutes and seven research centers, with about 900 ...
  • EST. 1999
    61, Boulevard Djily MBAYE
    Dakar BP 4344 RP, Senegal
    Phone: (221) 33 849 10 99
    Fax: (221) 33 849 10 96
    The Senegal Academy of Science and Technology (ANSTS) was created at the end of the constitutive General Assembly on 9 November 1999. ANSTS is a consultative structure, a consultation and assistance body for both, public and scientific authorities, a centre of competence and expertise for the design of knowledge and the indispensable renewal of knowledge and thinking. It has ...
  • EST. 1666
    23, quai de Conti
    75006 Paris, France
    Phone: +33 (0)1 44 41 44 63
    Fax: +33 (0)1 44 41 45 50
    The Académie des Sciences in Paris owes its origin to Colbert's plan to create a general academy. It also forms part of the lineage of diverse groups of scholars who, in the 17th Century, gathered around a patron or a learned personality. Colbert chose a small group of scholars who met on December 22, 1666 in the King's library and thereafter held twice-weekly ...
  • EST. 1926
    28, Panepistimiou Str.
    Athens 106 79 , Greece
    Phone: 210 36 26 717
    Fax: 210 36 34 806
    In the early 4th century BC, Plato founded the first Academy, a school of philosophy located in Athens close to the place of worship of the hero Academus. This school continued to function until 529 AD, when its operation was banned by imperial decree. This is the first Academy where knowledge was recognized and nurtured and it is the model after which the modern day ...
  • EST. 2009
    Praca 25 de Junho, 3rd Floor
    Maputo P. O. Box 257, Mozambique
    Phone: + 258 2142-8128
    Fax: + 258 2142-8196
    The Academy of Science of Mozambique was created after a national consultation of scientists and academicians in the whole country, organized by an special committee jointly created by the Ministry of Science and Technology. After several consultative meetings, the Statutes and the creation of the Academy of Science were approved by the Council of the Ministers. In this ...
  • EST. 1996
    PO Box 72135 Lynnwood Ridge
    Pretoria 0040, South Africa
    Phone: +27 12 349 6600
    Fax: +27 12 349 5461
    The Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf), in its unique position as the only national science academy that is officially recognised by the South African government through the ASSAf Act (Act 67 of 2001), as amended, aims to provide evidence-based scientific advice on issues of public interest to government and other stakeholders. ASSAf regularly publishes ...
  • EST. 1951
    Bistrik 7
    Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Phone: (+387) 33 560-700
    Fax: (+387) 33 560-703
    The Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ANUBiH), the highest scientific and artistic institution in the country, was founded by the Law on the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1966, under the terms of which the Scientific Society (founded 1951), became an institution with the status of Academy. Pursuant to the provisions of the Law ...
  • EST. 1978
    Sher Ali Khan Watt
    Kabul P.O. Box 894, Afghanistan
    Phone: + 93 020 2102-919
    Fax: + 93 020 2100-268
      About eighty years ago a scientific center under the name of "Pashto Mraca" was established as the first scientific body during the kingdom of Ghazi Amanullah khan in 1922. It vanished in 1928. Then the Kabul Academic Association was founded in 1930. Herat Academic Association and Pashto Academic Association were established in 1932. Pashto Tolona was ...
  • EST. 1861
    Academia de Ciencias de Cuba
    Calle Cuba No. 460
    Entre Amargura y Tte Rey, La Habana Vieja
    La Habana 12400, Cuba
    Phone: + 537-862 6545
    Fax: + 537-867 0599
    The Academy of Sciences of Cuba is an official institution of the Cuban State, independent and consultative in matters of science. The Academy, throughout its history has adopted different organizational forms according to the environment in which it has carried out its activities. The first Academy of Sciences was founded, after more than 35 years of negotiations with the ...
  • EST. 2013
    Quito, Ecuador
    Phone: + 593 224 0002
    The Academy of Sciences of Ecuador (Academia de Ciencias del Ecuador (ACE)) was created in February 2013 under the endorsement of the Secretariat for Science, Technology, Innovation, and Higher Education of Ecuador (SENESCYT). ACE is a non-profit organization with social and scientific goals. ACE does not intervene in racial, political, religious or syndical issues. The ...
  • EST. 1779
    Rua da Academia das Ciências n.º 19
    Lisbon 1249-122 , Portugal
    Phone: 213 219 730
    Fax: 213 420 395
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