Euro-Mediterranean Academic Network (EMAN)

EMAN, an autonomous network including the academies of science of the Mediterranean countries, is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote the growth and coordination of a Mediterranean science area. The general objective of the EMAN is to act as an independent Euro-Mediterranean forum to encourage the academies of this area to cooperate and discuss the scientific aspects of problems of common concern, to prepare joint statements on major issues relevant to the development of the Mediterranean Region, and to provide mutual support to member academies.

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    Parmenides Conferences 2008-2012

    Parmenides Conferences 2008-2012 212KB, PDF

    Initiated by the French Académie des sciences, an academic program (called Parmenides) was launched in order to promote collaboration between the Academies of sciences from all Mediterranean Countries, with the common mission to foster development and scientific excellence, and create a Mediterranean space of science. A series of conferences was held between 2008-2012.