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Latest Update: 10 Jun 2014

The InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) was established in Santiago, Chile in May 2004. Its main objective is the support of national scientific and technological development in the hemisphere, by increased interaction among the Academies. Member academies agreed to cooperate towards the strengthening of science and technology as a tool for advancing research and development, prosperity and equity in the Americas. The IANAS Secretariat is hosted by the Mexican Academy of Sciences. Contact:

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Selection of recent IANAS Activities ...

2011 ...

The IANAS Women for Science Working Group (WfS-WG) (see announcement below) has received support from the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSDW), for developing and managing a website for the IANAS Women for Science programme. The website was launched in January 2011.  

The first phase of the site presents information about: 
1) The WfS-WG and its initial activities and meetings 
2) Gender-related resources and links in the IANAS programme areas of science education, water and energy
3) The roles of IAP and IANAS in establishing and supporting the WfS-WG.

The website will be further developed to provide more resources for academies, women scientists and young girls on increasing the representation of women and girls in science education and science institutions.  It will also focus on networking and increasing the visibility of women scientists in the region.

Visit the website at:

2010 ...

The InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS), organized a workshop on “Inventing a Better Future: A Strategy for Building Regional Capacities in Science and Technology”, 21-23 July 2010 in Brasilia. The workshop was part of the series of IAP/IAC regional workshops implementing recommendations which emerged from IAC Studies. For a summary of the event, see: An important focus of this meeting was the role that academies of sciences can play in stimulating and advising governments in the building up of national S, T, and I strategies. 

The Women for Science Working Group (WfS-WG) of the InterAmerican Network of Academies of Science (IANAS) was launched in June 2010 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the VII Meeting of the National Focal Points of the IANAS Science Education Program. The WfS-WG collaborates closely with the Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD). The mandate of the IANAS “Women for Science” Working Group is to advise IANAS and its member academies on fostering a climate in the sciences that is welcoming to women, and to alert IANAS and its academies to the gender aspects and issues encountered in their work and programs. The WfS-WG will develop a Plan of Action for the IANAS member academies to strengthen participation of girls and women in S&T in the following key areas:

  • promoting education in S&T for girls and women;
  • increasing the visibility of women scientists/engineers;
  • supporting networking, leadership training and mentoring for women in science.
  • building an inclusive institutional culture in S&T organizations, including science academies;

2009 ...
The IANAS “Women for Science Symposium” was hosted by the Mexican Academy of Sciences in Mexico City on April 20-21, 2009. The symposium was organized with the support of IAP, the Mexican National Council on Science and Technology (CONACYT) and ICSU's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (ICSU-LAC). The agenda, list of participants, presentations and final report are available on the IANAS website at:

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