GYA 3rd International Conference and General Assembly (GA) 2013


Young Scientists

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Latest Update: 2 Aug 2016
Primary Contact: Heidi Wedel
+49 30 20370-559

The event contributes to the IAP mission to build the capacity of young scientists. Approximately 80 future young science leaders from around the world, half from developing countries, will cooperate with delegates of National Young Academies (NYA) on the establishment and strengthening of NYA.

They will develop a major GYA project on The Global State of Young Scientists and capacity-building projects on Women in Science, Grant Access, and Academic Creativity.

Other projects aim at bridging the gap between the developed and the developing world through Brain Gain initiatives, improved access to Research Software in Developing Countries and the Young Scientists Ambassador Programme. Several projects are directly related to Science Education. GYA members will draft statements on the major theme of the conference and topics related to the projects.

The meeting will further mobilize young scientists to take up leadership roles within GYA and possibly offer leadership courses.

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