Dr Sergio A Sepulveda

Assistant Professor
Universidad de Chile
Santiago, Chile
Sergio Sepulveda
BSc. in Geology, University of Chile; MSc in Engineering, University of California, Berkeley; PhD in Engineering Geology, University of Leeds. Assistant Professor and Vice-Director, Department of Geology, University of Chile. My research interests are in natural disaster prevention, natural risk assessment and management, environmental management and energy resources. My technical expertise is mainly in landslides, debris flows and seismic hazard, engineering geology and geotechnics. I attended the 2011 IAP Young Scientist Conference in conjunction with the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of New Champions (Dalian, 2011, see http://interacademies.net/Activities/10880/15608.aspx), a unique expierence where I realized the importance of be part of a broad young scientist community and learned the way of approaching policy makers and bussinessmen to have a greater impact of science in the world development.
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