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Since the beginning of the pandemic, IAP issued two communiqué related to this crisis: the IAP Communiqué on the COVID-19 pandemic, a call for collective action on the global scale to improve and accelerate the use of research and its outputs for the global public good, and the IAP Communiqué on Green Recovery, that highlights that fact that only a low-carbon recovery can generate co-benefits for social equity, the environment, and human health.

In addition to this international-level calls, many IAP member academies around the world are playing their own part in national or regional initiatives – helping to ensure that trustworthy and credible information is reaching as many people as possible, much of it in local languages.

Here we have collated (and will continue to update) information being provided by more than 140 national, regional and global academies and academy networks. For an updated summary of IAP’s COVID-19 related activities, please click here

IAP member academies are responding by: 

  • Providing evidence-based advice to governments at the municipal, national and regional level by participating in governmental task forces and commissions, supporting real-time policy review, synthesizing and distilling the best available scientific evidence, and by issuing statements and recommendations for decision-makers
  • Establishing expert databases for decision-makers with relevant expertise
  • Conducting public outreach to help their communities understand public health guidance, including through translation into local languages and engaging migrant communities
  • Engaging with the media to ensure scientifically accurate information is available to all
  • Sharing data and experiences amongst their members and with other academies in their region and gathering lessons learned
  • Conducting COVID-19 related research and modelling in academies with their own research facilities
  • Providing technical training, for example via online telemedicine courses, diagnostic laboratory techniques
  • Providing fast-track reviews of COVID-19 related-research proposals 

Additional links to other trusted resources are available via this news article: IAP stands side-by-side with science in the fight against coronavirus.

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