InterAcademy Partnership communique on Turkey

The leadership of the InterAcademy Partnership has today released a short communique on the current situation in Turkey

Communique from the leadership of the InterAcademy Partnership - regarding the current situation in Turkey

The leadership of the InterAcademy Partnership would like to go on record condemning the recent attempted coup d’etat in Turkey. Violence should never be accepted as a means for overthrowing a democratically elected government.

 However, we are also concerned over the response of the Government of Turkey.

In the aftermath of the failed coup, we are informed that more than 1,500 university deans have been suspended from their posts and Turkish scientists are being prevented from leaving the country. Indeed, those already abroad were even called back.

Just as the benefits of science and technology are available to everyone worldwide, so scientific research and development are global enterprises. To contribute to this global endeavour, academics and researchers of all countries must be able to work in a climate of freedom of thought, freedom of expression and freedom of movement.

Our world faces a number of challenges, many of which can be addressed through science, technology and innovation. For this to happen, however, requires that the principles of academic freedom and autonomy are respected by all governments.

 We hope that the Government of Turkey will address these concerns as we express solidarity with the academic and research community of Turkey, and especially our colleagues at TÜBA, the Turkish Academy of Sciences.


Mohamed Hassan - President, InterAcademy Partnership

Robbert Dijkgraaf - President, InterAcademy Partnership; Co-chair, IAP for Research

Volker ter Meulen - Co-chair, IAP for Science

Krishan Lal - Co-chair, IAP for Science

Lai Meng Looi - Co-chair, IAP for Health

Detlev Ganten - Co-chair, IAP for Health

Daya Reddy - Co-chair, IAP for Research


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