IPBES seeks input for the first step towards a new generation of IPBES scenarios

Environment & Climate
The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) invites stakeholders to take part in their short survey.

One central task of IPBES is to synthesize and evaluate available knowledge regarding biodiversity and ecosystem services, in response to requests from Governments and other decision makers, in order to inform decision making. As shown in the summary for policy makers, scenarios and models have proven to be very helpful in this respect. Importantly, the usefulness and relevance of the information provided by scenarios and models can be greatly enhanced when stakeholders are involved in their development. The IPBES Scenarios and Models Expert group is dedicated to gathering such input through various channels. Please find more information on the group, its mandate and short-and long-term activities here:

On behalf of this expert group, IPBES invite you to contribute actively in the first step towards a new generation of scenarios which will be developed through close dialogue between stakeholders and the scientific community. The link below leads you to a short survey where we ask you to help us identify a variety of policy and management options that can promote biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people and human well-being. Your input will be used both for a short term activity to improve existing scenarios and models for the global assessment and the fifth Global Biodiversity Outlook and for long-term activities for developing a new generation of IPBES scenarios in support of the work of IPBES and decision-makers at all levels.