New TWAS Plus issue is out

The new bimonthly bulletin – TWAS Plus – provides important Academy news and opportunities in a bright, easy-to-use format for a diverse global audience that ranges from TWAS fellows to early career researchers.

TOP STORY: More than 120 science academies, councils, libraries, museums and civil society groups have endorsed the accord “Open Data in a Big Data World". Developed by four leading scientific organizations – ICSU, ISSC, IAP and TWAS – the accord offers basic principles to orient open access to publicly funded big data. Sharing the enormous flow of information that is produced every day worldwide is  increasingly important for developing countries, which need big data access and expertise to be full partners in global science.

Three new TWAS prizes will focus on research by women scientists and scientists from Least Developed Countries.

Scientists from S&T-lagging countries with promising projects should hurry to apply for TWAS research grants. Deadline: 11 May.

OWSD offers education and training opportunities for talented young women from S&T-lagging countries. Deadline: 30 June.

The latest issue and all archived bulletins are available here.