George Griffin

GGriffin portrait.JPG

Professor George Griffin is a clinically trained biomedical scientist who developed and led the Institute of Infection and Immunity and Clinical Infection Unit at St George’s, University of London. The Unit has an international reputation in clinical infection, basic and translational research and postgraduate training. The Unit has developed many international contacts and collaborations. Professor Griffin trained in basic science at King’s College, London, and clinically at St George’s Hospital Medical School. He carried out postgraduate studies at the University of Hull and Harvard Medical School (Harkness Fellow). He was appointed Chair of the UK Government Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens in 2007 and led this Committee and sub-committees until 2015. Professor Griffin’s principal scientific contributions revolve around the host response to infection at whole body and cell and molecular level. He characterised HIV enteropathy and the immunological and functional consequences of GI tract involvement in HIV infection. In addition he has made pivotal discoveries on macrophage differentiation and the cellular and molecular events in this cell perpetuated by HIV and mTB. Professor Griffin has been Chair and member of many MRC and Wellcome Trust Committees. In addition, he chairs a Gates SAB on enteric disease in children in developing countries. He is currently Board member of Public Health England and Foreign Secretary of the Academy of Medical Sciences, London.