IAP and its member academies believe that science, scientific knowledge and scientific progress are an essential part of human culture and are vital to advance human welfare and well being. They also believe that the scientific method has much to offer in the pursuit of just and fair societies. These beliefs are the foundation of IAP and all it does. IAP is therefore committed to making the voice of science heard on issues of crucial importance to the future of humankind.

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The IAP Biosecurity Working Group (BWG) has launched a website hosted by the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Latest News

  • 19 August 2015

    UNISDR Science and Technology Conference on the implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

    Call for Abstracts for the Poster Session scheduled to take place from 27-29 January 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland is now open. Follow the link for detailed guidelines and deadline for submissions ... Read More

  • 17 August 2015

    Biological and Toxic Weapons

    IAP, through the activities of its Biosecurity Working Group, has been providing inputs into the 2015 Meeting of Experts of the UN Biological Weapons Convention ... Read More

  • 6 August 2015

    The Annual Report 2014

    The report, now available online, contains highlights of projects and activities implemented in 2014 by IAP and its member academies and affiliated networks ... Read More

  • 30 July 2015

    IAP and disaster risk reduction

    International disaster risk experts meet in London at The Royal Society ... Read More

  • 24 July 2015

    AASSA Statement on Earthquake in Nepal

    Including a call for the rebuilding of the region’s educational institutions and research bodies engaged in S&T ... Read More

  • 24 July 2015

    Call for proposals to the IPBES Matchmaking Facility

    IPBES has launched a call for proposals and pledges of support for capacity-building projects and activities under the prototype IPBES Matchmaking Facility. To support the mobilisation and alignment of technical and financial resources for priority capacity-building needs, IPBES is developing a prototype Matchmaking Facility which aims to promote and facilitate dialogue and cooperation among institutions, organisations and individuals looking for technical and financial support, and those in a position to provide such support. Read More

  • 24 July 2015

    Communiqué on climate change

    Along with 23 of the UK's leading academic institutions, the Royal Society has released a communiqué on climate change. The document highlights the risks associated with climate change, as well as the potential responses and opportunities of low-carbon and climate-resilient growth. Read More